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Magic Bowl

Magic Bowl

Speed ​​Bowl is a multi-functional entertainment area, including types of entertainment: Bowling Area, Video Games, Children’s Playground, Speed ​​Bowl to meet the entertainment needs of all ages. We are committed to providing customers with a civilized, modern entertainment environment, dedicated and attentive service.

Speed ​​Bowl is now available in Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Vung Tau, making it easy for you and your family to choose a convenient entertainment venue, call us hotline: 090.180.6336 for consulting services.

Wish you and your family will have a fun and meaningful time of relaxation at Speed ​​Bowl centers across the country.

Juice & Smoothies

Juice & Smoothies is a juice and smoothie shop that has been operating in the commercial center model since 2013. A glass of cool juice and smoothies not only breaks the summer heat but also helps you have a healthy meal. good health, keep fit, beautiful skin, cool and full of energy. With the criterion that customers are God, Juice and Smoothies are constantly making efforts and always choosing.


Enjoy Seoul Ga – the quintessence of Korean cuisine at GOLD COAST MALL

Seoul Station is a space where you can enjoy precious time with your family. Customers can add optional toppings: eggs, raw caviar, beef… These toppings can also be served with dishes such as ramen, rice and burgers to satisfy their needs. many different customers.


Boston’s Pizzeria is an authentic Italian restaurant, prepared fresh every day according to a unique recipe. With a filling, full of cheese and flavors suitable to the taste of Vietnamese people, we will help you once again fully feel the delicious taste of Pizzas. “There is no truer love than the love of food.” Boston’s Pizzeria – Vietnamese Pizza – Italian Pizza.


After a tiring day of work, this is definitely the ideal choice for everyone, every home, all ages. Although it has been operating for more than 3 months, MrP’s customers are still full of love and visit every day.

Instead of thanking, MrP promises to bring customers many interesting experiences and programs and will forever maintain the spirit of “Better than Yesterday”.

Wish all customers who have and will visit MrP Bingsu&Tea Nha Trang always be happy and full of health

Bangkok Authentic Thai Cuisine

Mixed in sour, spicy, salty, sweet flavors of spices, herbs and fresh food, every dish at Bangkok Authentic Thai Cuisine is made by chefs from Thailand, promising to bring the best. giving you an experience of discovering pure Thai cuisine, completely unforgettable and extremely unique and sophisticated right in the heart of Nha Trang city.

At Bangkok Authentic Thai Cuisine, we serve a wide range of signature dishes that are always considered the quintessential “soul” in the beauty of traditional Thai cuisine. in the world” voted by the prestigious magazine CNN Travel as: Tom Yam Goong (4th), Pad Thai (5th), Som Tam (6th), Thai fish cake (10th), Green curry (19th), Thai fried rice (24th) and Lap (36th).

Whenever you miss the taste of Thai food, visit Bangkok Authentic Thai Cuisine. There will always be delicious dishes, friendly smiles and a comfortable dining space to welcome you.


Mookata is a traditional hot pot and grilled dish that originated in the Northeast region of Thailand. There is a story that soldiers in Chiang Mai grilled meat with their own specialized hats.

When eating mookata, you must first use the pork fat that has been brought out to the grill part of the pot to create a layer of fat and then you can start to bake the dishes you like. Below is the pre-filled hot pot in the wrap around the grill. The broth has a mild sweet taste. The water secreted from the grill above will mix with the hot pot with vegetables, meat, and seafood to create a delicious and rich hot pot.